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Call for papers

The congress provides a platform for academicians, researchers, practitioners, participants and students to share their invaluable findings in a globalised setting. The congress invite submissions to the following themes but are not limited to:

Applied sport and Social Psychology
Health and Exercise Psychology
Counselling and Clinical Psychology in sports
Motor Control and Learning
Biomechanics, Data Mining and Machine Learning in sports

Submission & Instruction

All submissions should be written in English and checked for correct grammar.


Please kindly refer to the abstract template. The deadline for abstract submission has been extended to 15th May 2022.

Contribution Title (Times New Roman 14pt., Bold, Centered)

First Author1[[0000-1111-2222-3333] and Second Author2[1111-2222-3333-4444] (Times New Roman, 10pt., centered)

1USCA University, Princeton NJ 08688, USA (TNR 9pt., centered)

2HBSC University, 69829 Munster, Germany

*corresponding author:

Abstract: The abstract should summarize the contents of the paper in short terms between 200-250 words written in English. The abstract is a single paragraph without indentation, without tables, figures, subheadings, indentation, or references. The abstract should contain the introduction, purpose, methods, results, and conclusion. It should be single-spaced in 9-point Times New Roman. Paragraphs are justified (straight edged) on both left and right. Do not include bullets or lists in the abstract. The abstract should be submitted in the format of MS Word (.doc or .docx) document. Keywords should be given leaving one-line space below this text

Keywords: Maximum 5 Keywords, Second Keyword, Third Keyword.

Paper Submission

Full papers must contain original research which have not been published previously or accepted for publication and under current review. All full papers must be submitted in English. Papers shall consist of not more than 12 pages in length which includes abstract, figures, tables and references and comply with the format provided for preparation of the manuscript. The length of the abstract is between 200 to 250 words in a single paragraph in a block format with 3 – 5 key words. The writing must be in single line spacing using 12-point of Times New Roman. The margin is normal (Top: 2.54 cm, Bottom: 2.54 cm: Left: 3.18 cm Right: 3.18 cm). The page numbers is bottom-centered. Papers will be peer-reviewed and evaluated based on originality, content, correctness, relevance to congress and readability.

Submission of a full paper is OPTIONAL and not mandatory for Oral & Poster Presenters.

Those who wish to submit their full paper are required to email to by 15th June 2022

Paper Submission for Proceeding

All selected and accepted submissions will be published in the SPRINGER Lecture Notes in Bioengineering (LNBE) indexed by SCOPUS, INSPEC, zbMATH, SCImago.

Springer Lecture notes in Bioengineering image

Manuscript Template

When preparing your manuscript, please use the Springer Proceeding Template that can be downloaded here:

Oral presentation instruction

All oral presentations should be presented in English. Oral presentations are 12 minutes with 3 minutes for discussion (15 minutes for Q & A.). All oral presentations should be presented in English. The oral abstract should include the introduction, purpose, methods, results and conclusion. All presenters are required to bring their PowerPoint presentation in a USB memory two hours before their presentation to have it pre-loaded in the session computers.

Poster presentation instruction

All posters should be presented in English. The poster abstract should include the introduction, purpose, methods, results and conclusion. The poster format will be A0 (118.9 cm x 84.1 cm). Poster should be printed and brought by each author to the congress. The Secretariat will provide the materials for attaching the poster. The poster will be exhibited during the congress. A number will be allocated for each poster according to the sessions. Authors are expected to be at their poster during the poster session. The organising committee will not be responsible for posters that are not removed on time.

While submitting for Oral or Poster Presentations, authors should indicate their presentation reference in a note containing Oral or Poster Titles as well as the relevant Congress sub-theme below the abstract submission.

Authors should name their files as follows:
Oral Presentation ORAL-NAME OF AUTHOR-file name

Important notice about publication

Authors whose abstracts have been accepted as oral or poster presentations are encouraged to submit their final paper for the Congress publication before 30th May 2022.


Call for symposium topics

We invite researchers to submit papers for symposium based on the sub-themes of the congress.

Symposium Submissions:
Each symposia session will be 75 minutes. Sessions consist of a maximum of 5 presenters of 15-minute spoken papers, each followed by 5 minute discussion directed by one chair. The chair will be responsible for introducing the topic of the presentations, provide a brief overview of the presentations and facilitate the discussion according to the time allocated. The Chair is required to submit to the symposia by completing the symposia proposal based on the template provided. The submission must also consist of individual abstract for each presentation.

  • Symposium title
  • Authors, affiliated university, email
  • Symposium abstract must be 250 words or less describing the purpose, method, results and conclusion.
  • Keywords (3 - 5 keywords)

Date line: 30th April 2022

Title of the Symposium

1University of Science and Technology, Texas, HOU 75835 USA


2Colanda State University, Springs, CS 80829 USA


3Science University, Tokyo, Japan


Abstract: Please provide an abstract (200-250 words), which describes the topic and focus of your symposium.
Keywords: Include a list of 3 – 5 keywords.

1. Contributions


A. Author, B. Author, C. Author, Title of first paper, full contribution, contact information of corresponding author.


A. Author, B. Author, C. Author, Title of second paper, full contribution, contact information of corresponding author.


A. Author, B. Author, C. Author, Title of third paper, full contribution, contact information of corresponding author.


A. Author, B. Author, C. Author, Title of fourth paper, full contribution, contact information of corresponding author.


A. Author, B. Author, C. Author, Title of fifth paper, full contribution, contact information of corresponding author.

The congress offers awards to recognise outstanding performance in research and presentation. All presenters (oral, poster and papers) are eligible for the awards and must register for the congress as presenters by 15 May 2022. The presenter must be one of the authors and attend the congress.

All papers accepted for oral and poster presentation must submit a final draft of the presentation (Powerpoint or PDR) by 30 May 2022 and full paper by 30th May 2022 via email:


best oral presentation awards

For the Best Oral Presentation Award(s), each oral presentation will be evaluated based on the following criteria:

1. Originality (20%) 2. Purpose (10%) 3. Methods (20%) 4. Conclusions (10%) 5. Presentation and Content Delivery (30%) 6. Timeliness (10%)

best poster presentation awards

For the Best Poster Presentation Award(s), each poster will be evaluated based on the following criteria:

1. Relevance of the Content (40%) 2. Clarity of Content Delivery and Abstract (15%) 3. Depth of Content and Organizational Effectiveness (20%) 4. Design and Visual Presentation (10%) 5. Verbal Interaction (15%) Each oral and poster presentation will be evaluated by the session chair(s) based on the criteria as stated.

best paper awards

All papers presented are eligible for the awards. The papers will be evaluated based on Significance (10%), Originality (35%), Methodology (25%), Consistency and Contribution to the Literature (20%) Quality of Writing (10%)

All awards (Oral, Poster, Papers) receive a plaque and certificate.

student research award

This award is presented to the student who presents the best research presentation and submit a full paper at 9th ASPASP International Congress 2022. The awards aims to inspire and support students to facilitate their research in the sports and exercise psychology. There will be a total of 20 Student Research Awards given to the award winners.

The Awards

The Awards consists of a cash prize of RM1,100 and a letter of commendation.


The applicant must be registered as an undergraduate or graduate student, present an oral or poster presentation and pay the registration fee before 30th April 2022. The applicant must also attend the Congress and the closing ceremony. To be eligible for the grant, the applicant must submit a full paper by 30th May 2022. The applicant must provide a brief letter of recommendation/support/reference from a faculty advisor (lecturer or supervisor) outlining the applicant’s progress toward the degree and significance of the student’s work.


The award’s panel will review the application and decision of the panel is final.

atsushi fujita scholarship application

To honor Professor Atsushi Fujita, Founding President of the Association, ASPASP will support TWO outstanding sport/exercise psychology/motor learning research students from the Asian-South Pacific region to attend the 2022 ASPASP International Congress in Kuching, Malaysia (see ) by providing free conference registration, USD100, and a pledge.

Applicants should submit a 500 word (maximum) statement addressing the selection criteria for the scholarship listed below, and a 300 word (maximum) supporting statement from the research supervisor.

Criteria for Selection

To be eligible a student must:
(a) have been enrolled in a research degree within the ASPASP region at some time within the 12 months preceding the Congress.
(b) submit a presentation to the Congress.

Nominations will be judged against the following criteria:
(a) originality of the research in terms of conceptualization (research question, theory) and operationalization (methods)
(b) conduct of the research in terms of data collection in the light of research demands, including participant recruitment, administration of the procedure, and analysis of the data
(c) publications and presentations related to the research by the student
(d) special considerations related to the context in which the student is studying

Assessment of nominations
(a) nominations will be considered against the criteria by a panel of experts with substantial research supervision experience
(b) members of the panel will be invited by ASPASP Managing Council
(c) decisions made by the panel will be final.

Deadline for Submission

The deadline for submission of nominations is 27th June 2022. This is a fixed deadline because of the need to inform the students who will be awarded the scholarships in time for them to organize their attendance at the ASPASP Congress. Applicants will be informed of the outcome by 30th July 2022.

Procedure for Submissions

Submissions should be made as one electronic document, consisting of the Student’s name, university address and email, and the Supervisor’s name, university address, and email followed by the Student’s submission and the Supervisor’s supporting statement in that order. Send this documentation to the Vice-President (Programs) of ASPASP, Frank Lu, by email at

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